Creating analogue experiences through materials

  • "Offline Plank" - an analogue pinball game
  • "Offline Plank" - an analogue pinball game
My interest is in making things that are improved by the age, imperfection and patina that can be found in urban driftwood.

Igangsætter: Jeremy Walton, designer


Hvad drejer dit projekt sig om, herunder hvordan arbejder du med at skabe en ny forretningsmodel i den cirkulære økonomi?

Creating analogue experiences through materials. In this case it is a simple analogue pinball game I call an ‘Offline Plank’ that is made using wooden planks and digital production techniques. It creates a very haptic (tactile) experience of the solid wood and sounds of the balls rolling and bouncing off the metal pins.

The wood from the recycling centre is like urban driftwood. All the age and imperfections in the wood add to the boards, which I imagine to be used in the home both decorative and for playing. My interest is in making things that are improved by the age, imperfection and patina that can be found in this urban driftwood.

Hvor langt er du i processen og hvordan ser det næste stykke tid ud, fx det næste år? Hvad skal der til for, at din forretningsmodel kan blive økonomisk bæredygtig?

The more experience I’m getting with the material coming through the recycling centre the more I’m working out what I can make with it that goes to creating analogue in the moment experiences. With the Offline Plank, I have done enough to work out the minimum-working examples; I now need to work out how to sell them before I can continue making them.

Hvad er styrkerne ved dit projekt, og hvordan adskiller det sig fra andre lignende projekter?

I’m trying to develop my own craft forms, my own processes that lead to an artefact. I see myself more as a Folk Artist than designing a final design. So in this way the production is also sustainable for myself as a maker. It does not become just a repetitive production.

Hvilke udfordringer står du over for?

It takes a lot of physical labor to work with old wood, compared with just using new wood, so I’m trying to enhance the value found in the old wood to offset the cost of the labor involved in working with it.

I’m also trying to work out what my intentions are, what my purpose is. Do I want to keep within wooden analogue games or be broader with creating analogue social experiences?